How It Works

We will customize a strategy to build your social media game based on your unique niche, goals and business model using techniques and tools we have perfected through our own trials. We don’t use anything on your accounts that we haven’t successfully used and approved on our own accounts.


We use various tools to automate operations for a specific social platform. We set up various features on your behalf such as targeted liking, targeted following and unfollowing. We run this system on a virtual server and attach a dedicated proxy to your account on that server. When your account is created, we enter information into the system based on your personal goals and targeted niche. Using the information we feed it, our tools target specific accounts and essentially puts your brand in front of the eyes of those already showing interest in what you offer.


One way we do this by following targeted accounts and/or liking or commenting on one of their posts at specifically calculated times. This gets their attention and often they will follow, like or comment back and will continue to do so because they like what they see. You are already providing valuable content and information, you just need to get it seen by your target audience!

Those who do not engage with your account by following you back within a certain period of time are then unfollowed automatically if desired. Some people feel uncomfortable about the follow/unfollow strategy but the fact is it’s one of the most effective ways to grow your account and engagement. Plus the truth is you are only unfollowing those who are not really interested in what you have to offer. Over time you begin to not only see gains in followers, but also in engagement because those followers are targeted based on the information we entered into out tools and are therefore your ideal audience.


Good content is key to engagement but beyond that there are other ways to boost interaction. We can set up auto liking, auto commenting, auto re-tweets and auto re-pins depending on the platform. All of these actions encourage engagement in two ways: 1) it often initiates reciprocation and 2) by curating good content that your followers appreciate and want to interact with. This not only keeps your followers happy with consistent content but it also frees up your time so that you can create more of that great content. Many people utilize the auto retweet or auto repin features. 

Much More

This is just a small sample of what can be done using our service. There various ways to target an audience and we will provide the best solution for your specific goals.  Each package not only boosts your followers, but also helps boost people interacting with your account via likes and comments as well.